Aims and Objectives

EuroDISH’s overall objective is to provide advanced and feasible recommendations to the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) and future European funding programmes as well as other stakeholders for food and health research infrastructures development, under the following conditions:

  • Based on the needs of different stakeholders (e.g. policy-makers at the EU and national level and researchers covering a broad range of disciplines from the public sector and industry);
  • With a focus upon integration of existing and the development of new food and health research infrastructures;
  • Which are most relevant for innovations in mechanistic research and public health nutrition strategies across Europe;
  • Building upon past experiences and aligned with on-going activities.

The project will:

  • Systematically map existing research infrastructures;
  • Identify gaps and needs of infrastructures and governance issues of different stakeholders;
  • Synthesise needs for integration of existing and for developing new research infrastructures;
  • Design governance structures and test the acceptance of these structures in case studies;
  • Develop an overall conceptual design and roadmap for implementation for key research infrastructures;
  • Design, test and evaluate pilot research infrastructures;
  • Engage and encourage stakeholders to contribute to and promote the project for sustainable impact of the results.

Find out how the project will achieve these aims and objectives, by reading about the research method and the project's activities - under "Outcomes".