Declaration of the EuroDISH results and discussion points on future needs at the World Expo Milano, May 15th 2015

  1. EuroDISH outcomes show that there is a need for one European research infrastructure that is specific for the research field of food in relation to nutrition and health and that overarches the aspects of determinants, intake, status and health (DISH disciplines):
    a) Researchers need an overarching research infrastructure that fills important gaps and overcomes fragmentation by linking existing research to enable cutting edge research.
    b) Policy makers need more scientific insights on how to change the food environment and stimulate consumers towards a more healthy diet in order to improve health and prevent further cost increases of diet-related diseases.
    c) Food industry needs scientific insights to foster product innovation and strengthen its competitive position.
    d) Societal organisations and professionals need a solid evidence base for their strategies and advice.

  2. The European food, nutrition, and health research field will benefit from:
    a) Access to public and private data, at larger (European) scale, and across disciplines.
    b) Access to innovative and standardised research tools.
    c) Participation in a research community across DISH disciplines and wider participation across countries.
    d) More efficient use of funding and resources by collaboration between Member States which enables alignment and avoids duplication.

  3. The requirements to build this research infrastructure are:
    a) A platform that facilitates connection of future and existing initiatives and stimulates participation of researchers by a well governed E-infrastructure.
    b) Support in national roadmaps and strategic agendas.
    c) Political and financial commitment at Member State level to build national hubs.
    d) Political and financial commitment at European level to guarantee a sustainable research infrastructure with an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) status that is aligned with global initiatives.

  4. The overarching European research infrastructure accommodates the different interests of public and private stakeholders involved:
    a) In their role of providers of data and as users of the services of the research infrastructure.
    b) In the business model and governance structure of the research infrastructure

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