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Now that the EuroDISH project is in its third and final year, we asked Professor Pieter van't Veer, the scientific coordinator of the project, what are the key findings of EuroDISH? How should research infrastructure look like to advance the study of food and health? And moving forward, what are the next steps now the project is coming to an end?

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About the speaker

Prof. Pieter van't Veer - EuroDISH scientific coordinator

Pieter 2Prof. Pieter van 't Veer chairs the Nutrition and Epidemiology group, Division of Human Nutrition, Wageningen University. His drive is to strengthen evidence-based food and nutrition policy at the national and European level. To this end, he has published on meta-analyses (WCRF global report), validation of pan-European nutrition surveillance (EFCOVAL), and alignment of micronutrient recommendations (EURRECA). His current work addresses infrastructures for food and health research in Europe (EuroDISH) and establishing a distance-learning curriculum in Nutritional and Public Health Epidemiology. He is member of the Health Council of the Netherlands and chairs the national advisory board on nutrition surveillance.