Future plans

Life after Milan – from EuroDISH to DISH-RI

The EuroDISH project has created the conceptual design of the DISH-RI, and a roadmap showing the stages and actions needed for its development. The goal is for the DISH-RI to be fully operational within 10 years, for which stakeholder support as well as funding at both member state and EU level is required.

EuroDISH roadmap

The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap identifies new RIs of pan-European interest to meet the long term needs of the European research communities, covering all scientific areas. EuroDISH submitted the proposed DISH-RI for the new ESFRI roadmap 2016-2018, on 31 March 2015.

The proposal has already passed the first threshold and is currently being reviewed by the ESFRI Health and Food Strategic Working Group (SWG). Four member states (Netherlands, UK, Denmark and Italy) have so-far given political and/or financial commitment to support the development of the DISH-RI. The aim is to involve two or more additional member states each year; France and Slovenia already expressed their interest.

Read the Milano Milestone: Declaration of the EuroDISH results and discussion points on future needs at the World Expo Milano, May 15th 2015.

Read more about the EuroDISH outcomes in the project's final leaflet.